Monday, 2 January 2012

The Best Free Online Organisation & Time Management Tools

With the arrival of the new year, a common resolution is to find ways to be more productive and work more effectively.  I thought it the perfect time to share some of my favourite online organisation and time management tools. I might even resolve to use them more frequently myself!

Ta-da List is a simple but highly effective to-do-list application that can help you create a list of tasks for completion which you then check off once completed. With a simple click you can also email your to-do-list to yourself which is great when you’re on the go. The email, which you might pick up from your smart phone, contains a direct link so you can access the list online to modify it.

Google Calendar is an effective calendar application which will help you remember important dates and create schedules.

The PomodoroTechnique is an amazingly simple but powerful and strategic time management tool. Based on the concept of the egg timer, you can gain control by effectively allocating chunks of your time to certain tasks and activities.

Mind42 is a brilliant mind mapping tool you can either use alone or in collaboration with others. What I love about Mind42 is its simplicity and visual nature. Even if you hadn’t thought of using a mind map to generate and arrange ideas and tasks for your project/s, you’ll find Mind42 a powerful way to engage your mind and get results.

Checkvist is a collaborative task management tool where you can collaborate with others. This is handy if you work remotely with others on a common task or project.

Toggl is a fantastic time tracking application ideal for those who want to be able to keep track of time spent on specific projects/activities. Toggl is perfect for those who spend fragmented amounts of time on a variety of tasks and enables you to accurately log and charge for time spent on tasks.

Evernote enables you to store and synchronize information across multiple devices such as your computer, tablet, and phone. You can use it to save web pages/clips/images, take notes, plan events or collaborate with colleagues or friends.

TripIt is a travel management tool where you save all your travel itinerary details in one convenient location. You can keep track of the weather, personalize your maps, schedules, photos, and even interact with other TripIt members if you want.

Workrave is a handy time management tool that will remind you when to take break from your computer. With the rate of RSI and other computer/portable device injuries rising, it’s important you give your body and mind regular breaks away from the screen.

RescueTime allows you to monitor how you spend your time at your computer helping you identify time wasted, enabling you to take action to spend your time more wisely. (Be aware that  in order to monitor your activities and provide analytical reports on how you spend your time, RescueTime records your activities back to its own website.)

Which online time management tools do you regularly use and recommend?

Lisa LaRue, MCareerDev, BSocSc(Couns), DipCareerGuid, MCDI is a Career Development Consultant & Career Coach at CareerWorx 


  1. thanks for the article.

    One of the challenges I observed was that lot of things I need to get done or need remembering tend to be buried in my emails or pop in my head at random points but transferring them from email or my head into a calendar appointment or to-do-list is just too tedious today.

    It occurred to me that is why busy (and rich) people hire personal assistants that they can just "tell" what they need to get done.

    That led me to ask the question - why can't everyone get a free personal assistant that they can email (or forward/CC existing emails) or text to and it will get on my calendar or task list?

    As a result, we have created a service: to do exactly that. It gives you a free personal assistant that you can send or forward emails, include on emails, send text messages and it helps you manage your life for you easily.

    Please check it out and give us feedback.

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  3. Thank for a list. Wanted to mention the online project management tool that my office uses:

  4. Thanks Michael, we will check it out and add it to the list if appropriate.


  5. Hi, great list! I would add TimeCamp to this list - it's extended time management tool thah I use in my firm.

  6. Thanks @John Klosovsky looks interesting!